Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies to the HRMS app developed by SRP Technologies (hereby referred to as “Service Provider”) for mobile devices. The app is intended for use “AS IS”.

Personal and Sensitive User Data

Our app handles personal and sensitive user data, including but not limited to:

  • Personally identifiable information
  • Device location
  • Authentication information
  • Contacts
  • SMS and call-related data

Data Handling

  • Access, collection, use, and sharing of personal and sensitive user data is limited to app and service functionality and policy-conforming purposes reasonably expected by the user.
  • We do not sell personal and sensitive user data.
  • All personal and sensitive user data is handled securely, including transmission using modern cryptography (e.g., HTTPS).

Prominent Disclosure & Consent Requirement

  • We provide in-app disclosures regarding data access, collection, use, and sharing. These disclosures are clear, unambiguous, and immediately preceded by requests for user consent.
  • Consent is required before the app can begin to collect or access personal and sensitive user data.

Privacy Policy Requirements

  • We maintain a privacy policy that comprehensively discloses how our app accesses, collects, uses, and shares user data.
  • Our privacy policy includes developer information, a privacy point of contact, data safety procedures, data retention and deletion policy, and a clear labeling as a privacy policy.
  • The privacy policy is available on an active, publicly accessible, non-geofenced URL, and is non-editable.

Account Deletion Requirement

  • Users can request for their account to be deleted, with a readily discoverable option provided within the app and on our website.
  • Account deletion results in the deletion of associated user data, except where retention is necessary for legitimate reasons such as security or regulatory compliance.

Usage of App Set ID

  • Our app does not use the app set ID for ads personalization or ads measurement.
  • We provide transparency and obtain legally valid consent where required for the collection and use of the app set ID.

EU-U.S., Swiss Privacy Shield

  • We comply with all applicable privacy, data security, and data protection laws, directives, regulations, and rules.
  • Access, use, or processing of EU Personal Information is consistent with obtained consent and protected against unauthorized access or disclosure.
  • We provide the same level of protection as required by the Privacy Shield Principles.

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding privacy while using the HRMS app, please contact SRP Technologies via email at info.srpglobal@gmail.com